Integration of the Broiler Management System

18 May 2022, Wednesday · admin · Technology
Integration of the Broiler Management System

The Broiler Management System (BMS System) is a software solution that integrates Flock Performance, Sales, Expenses, Purchases, Feed Production, Feed Formulation, and Accounting. Farmers adopt diverse Feed Formulae based on geographical, climatic, and age factors, as well as the availability of raw materials. These systems have a separate module for developing cost-effective equations.

Broiler Integration System/Broiler Integration Management System assists with record-keeping and also includes a decision-making tool. It covers every phase of broiler farming, from the housing of day old chicks through bird sales. It is intended to improve broiler management while also increasing profitability.

You may use Broiler Integration Software to do the following:

  • Farm, Shed, and Flock Specifications
  • Reports on depletion (mortality and culling) on a daily and weekly basis
  • Integration with Flock
  • Daily Submission
  • Details on Mortality and Production
  • Finalization
  • Transfer of Birds
  • Feed Specifications
  • Schedule of Vaccinations
  • Vaccination Schedule for Flocks
  • Report on Combination
  • Weekly Update
  • Report on Individual Flock Performance
  • Performance of the Flock
  • Report on Vaccination

PoultryCare is a full-featured Poultry Management System with a user-friendly user interface that helps you to easily manage your poultry business. It is designed exclusively for Prmers, Poultry Brokers, Egg Trading, Feed Trading, Chicken Trading, and Feed Formulation, and is both economical and powerful. Please contact us for a demo of our broiler management system/broiler integration management software.