Poultry Breeder Module in ERP Software Comes with Flock Performance to Cost Calculation

Poultry breeder module which covers entire breeder life cycle from placement, feed program, egg collection to hatchery in a fully integrated business modules like purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts. Capture daily breeder farm data on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application, track birds health and production performance using analysis reports and graphs, improve efficiency of overall operation, and grow your profit

Breeder Module

Day-to-Day Activities Tracking

Our Day-to-Day Activities Tracking feature is designed to revolutionize the way you manage your poultry farm. With our intuitive tracking system, you can effortlessly stay on top of all your daily activities, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. From scheduling feeding times to conducting health checks, our software provides a centralized platform where you can monitor and manage every aspect of your operations. Whether it's tracking vaccination schedules, monitoring egg collection, or recording inventory levels, our system streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. Stay organized, enhance efficiency, and maintain peak performance with Poultry Care's Day-to-Day Activities Tracking feature.

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Medication Schedule Management

Maintain precise control over medication schedules for your birds with our advanced software. Set up personalized medication plans, receive timely reminders, and track administration history to ensure compliance with health protocols and optimize treatment outcomes. Enhance bird health, minimize medication errors, and promote overall welfare through systematic and efficient medication schedule management.

Birds Grading

Optimize your production process by implementing a robust birds grading system. Evaluate birds based on parameters such as weight, size, and quality, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding breeding, feeding, and culling. Improve profitability, enhance product quality, and meet market standards by consistently grading and monitoring birds throughout their lifecycle.

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Feed Indent Management

Efficiently manage feed indents for your poultry farm with our specialized system. Streamline the process of ordering, tracking, and managing feed supplies to ensure optimal nutrition for your birds. Set up automated reordering based on consumption trends, monitor inventory levels in real-time, and receive alerts for low stock to avoid disruptions in feed availability. Enhance cost-effectiveness, minimize wastage, and maintain consistent feed supply for healthy and productive poultry operations.

Flock-Wise Reports

Harness the power of customizable reports to gain valuable insights into flock performance and productivity. Analyze key metrics such as growth rates, mortality rates, feed conversion ratios, and production costs to identify opportunities for improvement, implement targeted interventions, and optimize overall flock health and profitability. Make informed decisions, track progress over time, and achieve sustainable success in poultry farming with data-driven flock-wise reports.

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