Career at PoultryCare

What is PoultryCare?

PoultryCare is a software for poultry farming business to manage their buisness activities and data. Tens of thousands of poultry business owners all over the world use our ERP software to grow their businesses. It's our mission to not just help them grow, but to help them grow better. That's how we'll build a company future generations will be proud of.

Clarity .

Everyone from the top management to interns share information, knowledge, and ideas. Being radically transparent helps us all think like founders, and stay focused on solving for our customers.
Everyone knows:
WHY they are doing?
HOW they are doing?
WHAT they are doing?

Competence .

We trust amazing people to do amazing things. At PoultryCare, you have ownership over work that directly impacts the business. You can move fast, and learn even faster.
We build ASK before TASK
A ttitude - self-image, traits, and motive to do the task
S kill - ebility & experience to do the task
K nowledge - data & information needed to do the task

Culture .

We're building a culture where personal and professional growth are just as important as business growth. That's why we are curating our PoultryCare culture charter as frequant as our product release.
Our core principles of culture
Autonomy with accountabilty brings best out of everyone
Win-Win-Win as business philosophy
Life-long learner to succeed in the long-term