Feed Mill

Poultry Feed Mill Module to Manage Feed Formulation, Production Cost and Raw Material

Poultry feed mill module in ERP software gives feed formulation with cost optimisation for expected nutritional values, lab test records enables feed quality which improves birds health. Production may be scheduled directly from silo level at farms and/or against sales orders, raw material low stock reorder automated based on demand from farms will reduces your last minute rush on supply chain management. Feed production bagging features with a fully integrated business modules like purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts enables your day-to-day operation seamless. Capture daily feed mill production data on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application, refill silo on time, track inventory stock and feed production using reports with business intelligence and graphs, improve overall operation efficiency, and grow your profit

Feed Mill Module

Factories Management

Efficiently manage multiple factories with PoultryCare's Factory Management feature. Customize settings and access controls for each factory, ensuring seamless operations and effective resource utilization. From production schedules to inventory management, PoultryCare provides a centralized platform for overseeing all factory activities, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity across your manufacturing facilities.

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Feed Formulas

With PoultryCare's Feed Formulas tool, create and manage feed formulations tailored to your nutritional requirements and production goals. Easily adjust ingredient proportions, monitor nutritional values, and optimize feed compositions for different stages of poultry growth. This feature empowers you to maintain consistent feed quality, maximize nutrient delivery, and achieve optimal performance from your flocks.

Feed and Premix Production

Optimize feed and premix production processes with PoultryCare's Production Optimization module. Utilize advanced production planning tools to streamline operations, reduce waste, and ensure consistent quality in feed manufacturing. By integrating production data, monitoring equipment performance, and implementing quality control measures, PoultryCare helps you achieve cost-efficient and reliable feed production for your poultry operations.

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Feed Costs Management

Effectively manage feed costs with PoultryCare's Cost Management tools. Track and analyze feed ingredient prices, production expenses, and overhead costs to gain insights into cost drivers and profitability. Optimize pricing strategies, negotiate supplier contracts, and implement cost-saving measures based on data-driven analysis. PoultryCare's Cost Management feature empowers you to make informed decisions, improve cost efficiency, and maximize profitability in your feed manufacturing operations.

Indent Based Production

Streamline your production operations based on indent orders with PoultryCare's indent-based production feature. By automating order processing, scheduling, and delivery, you can ensure timely fulfillment, meet customer demands, and enhance overall satisfaction.

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Optimize Feed Mill Operations with PoultryCare

Gain valuable insights into your feed mill operations with PoultryCare's real-time performance metrics and insightful reports.

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Layer Management

Efficiently monitor and manage layer bird activities, including feed consumption, egg production, health checks, and flock performance, with comprehensive data insights and streamlined workflows for enhanced productivity.

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Breeder Management

Maximize breeder flock, egg production, hatchery operations, and genetic selection with data analysis, breeding management, health monitoring, and performance tracking for superior outcomes.

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Contract Broiler Farm Management

PoultryCare ERP simplifies contract broiler farming by tracking agreements, monitoring flock health, managing feed and medication, and generating report and boosting profitability.

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