Poultry Broiler Module to Manage Batch-In, Daily Data Capture to Lifting for Sales

Poultry broiler module in ERP software comes with day old chick batch-in, standard feed program for pre-starter, starter and finisher feeds, 0.2% mortality alert, FCR comparison, lifting for sales or processing plant transfer features with a fully integrated business modules like purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts. Capture daily broiler farm data on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application, track birds health and production performance using analysis reports and graphs, improve efficiency of overall operation, and grow your profit

Broiler Module

Gain Complete Flock Visibility

PoultryCare offers unparalleled visibility into every aspect of your broiler flock's activity. Monitor growth patterns, health trends, and living conditions in real time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize performance effectively. With comprehensive flock visibility, you can ensure that your broilers are thriving and operating at their full potential.

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Feed Indent Management

Our software streamlines feed management by generating accurate feed indents tailored specifically to your flock's size and age. This precision not only optimizes feed costs but also reduces waste, promoting efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness in your poultry operations. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to optimized feed management with PoultryCare.

Medication Schedules

PoultryCare empowers you to maintain optimal bird health by scheduling and tracking medication administration seamlessly. Identify potential health issues early, track treatment effectiveness, and ensure timely interventions to keep your flock healthy and productive. With proactive health management features, PoultryCare prioritizes bird welfare and minimizes disruptions in your operations.

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Automate Lighting Control

Take control of your broiler's environment with PoultryCare's automated lighting control feature. Create and manage customized lighting schedules to enhance bird health, promote natural behaviors, and optimize growth rates. By automating lighting adjustments, you can create an ideal environment for your broilers, leading to improved overall performance and welfare.

Streamline Lifting Process

PoultryCare streamlines the lifting process for sales or processing by providing easy-to-use scheduling tools. Schedule lifts with precision, ensuring efficient flock management and timely delivery for processing or sale. With PoultryCare's streamlined lifting process, you can optimize workflow efficiency and meet your production goals seamlessly.

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Your Partner in Broiler Success

Gain valuable insights into your broiler operations with PoultryCare's real-time performance metrics and insightful reports.

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