Contract Broiler Farm Management

CBF Management Software to Manage Farmer Contact, Palcement, and Growing Charges

Facility to manage branch wise scheme with branch performance comparison against scheme. Manage agreements and all required documents for the same in single repository. Enter any data only once and it will be used across all modules and calculations.

Contract Broiler Farm Management Module

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Streamline tasks, optimize resources, and skyrocket profits with PoultryCare. Ditch the spreadsheets and unlock a world of real-time flock tracking, seamless agreements, strategic chick placement, and efficient supply chains. Experience accurate bird counting, transparent cost control, and proactive farm insights – all in one powerful platform. Effortlessly manage contracts, maximize efficiency, and watch your profits soar!

Solutions to Your Major CBF Management Challenges

Data-Driven Farm Oversight

Simplify poultry operations with a digital farm management system! Enhance communication and teamwork with Farmer Management. Supervisors gain real-time insights for smoother workflows using Supervisor Line Run. Optimize bird placement for maximum growth with Placement Management. Boost efficiency and success with data-driven decision making.

Streamline Operations & Boost Profits

Boost your poultry farm with streamlined processes. Birds Lifting Management makes bird harvesting smooth. Supply Chain Management optimizes supply tasks, making everything more efficient. Scheme Management boosts farmer productivity with incentives. This system simplifies logistics, improves performance, and maximizes efficiency throughout your poultry operation.

Empowering Contract Broiler Profits

Maximize your poultry farm's success with a complete management system. Create custom feed plans with Feed Program Management for healthier birds. Use Performance Analysis Reports to track flock health and find areas to improve. Placement-Wise P&L Reports show which flocks are most profitable, helping you make smarter investment decisions. This system ensures optimal nutrition, health, and profitability for your farm.

From fledgling flocks to soaring profits, PoultryCare grows with you.

Enjoy continuous feature enhancements and performance optimizations and Benefit from our deep understanding of the industry's challenges and opportunities.


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  • Farmer Operations
  • Line Run
  • Birds Lifting
  • Inventory Management


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  • Everything in Basic
  • Feed Mill
  • Supply Chain
  • Bird Lifting Schedule


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  • Everything in Accelarator
  • Breeder management
  • Hatchery
  • Processing Plant



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  • Everything in Professional
  • Tally Integration
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Buisness Flow

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What Clients Say

Solution that offered excellent value

I was pleased to find PoultryCare ERP solution that offered excellent value, as well as the specific functionality that our poultry business requires.

Prabhaharan, Owner Ponmani Poultry Faarm, Namakkal, India
Integrating all farm operations into a comprehensive application

PoultryCare's ERP surpassed expectations, seamlessly integrating all farm operations. The user-friendly interface enables easy monitoring from my smartphone. Efficient data collection and clear reports make it essential for farmers. Highly recommend!

Dr. Sivakumar, Director MM Poultry Farm, Namakkal, India
Offered solution in place as we imagined

We needed a solution that would integrate with Farming, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and Finance. The key was PoultryCare ERP offered solution in place as we imagined.

Harisuthan, CEO CR Poultry Farm Pvt Ltd, Salem, India
Great product with all ERP modules integrated

Superb ERP along with required modules which integrate with it. The poultry farming owners who need a CUSTOMIZED ERP in reasonable budget on SAAS model can opt it. Great product with all ERP modules integrated in single platform.

Sriramnandan, CEO UVRR Foods Pvt Ltd, Palladam, India

Drive revenue, save time and resources, and optimize your investments with PoultryCare ERP’s CBF Module

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract broiler farming management software?

Contract broiler farming management software in PoultryCare, is a specialized tool designed to streamline and optimize the management of broiler production under contract agreements. It facilitates efficient coordination between the farm owners and contracted growers, automates tasks such as scheduling, inventory management, and reporting, and provides insights to improve overall farm performance.

What are popular features of PoultryCare software?

PoultryCare software comes with a range of features tailored to the needs of poultry farm owners and workers, including but not limited to

  • Contract management: Tracking and managing contract agreements between farm owners and grower.
  • Inventory tracking: Managing feed, medication, and other supplies.
  • Production monitoring: Tracking bird growth, mortality rates, and performance metrics.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generating insights through comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.
How long does it take to implement PoultryCare?

The implementation time for PoultryCare depends on the complexity of your farm operations and any customization requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation process, typically ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Can I customize my CBF management account?

Yes, you can customize your PoultryCare account to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our software offers flexibility in customization, allowing you to tailor settings, reports, and features according to your farm's requirements. Whether it's adjusting parameters for flock management, customizing reports to track specific metrics, or configuring notifications for important events, you have the freedom to personalize your account to optimize your broiler management operations.

What reporting capabilities does PoultryCare offer?

PoultryCare provides robust reporting capabilities, allowing farm owners to access detailed insights into production performance, financial metrics, and grower management. Customizable reports can be generated to meet specific farm requirements.

How is PoultryCare different from other contract broiler farming management software?

PoultryCare stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set tailored specifically for contract broiler farming, and flexible customization options to adapt to diverse farm operations. Our focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation sets us apart from competitors.

How does contract broiler farm management software work with other modules like feed mill, processing plant, and trading?

Contract Broiler Farm Management software like PoultryCare integrates with feed mill, processing plant, and trading modules through data exchange protocols, enabling seamless coordination of production schedules, inventory management, and financial transactions, ensuring streamlined operations across the entire poultry supply chain.