Streamline HR Operations with PoultryCare ERP's HRMS Module

The HRMS module of PoultryCare ERP software is designed to help poultry farmers manage their human resources effectively. This module includes features such as employee management, payroll management, and more. With this module, farmers can easily keep track of employee information, such as personal details, job information, and compensation. The module also includes a payroll management system, which will help farmers to manage employee salaries and deductions, and generate pay slips.

HRMS Module

Manage Your Employees

With PoultryCare ERP, you can keep all your employee information organized in one place. This includes personal details like names, contact information, job roles, and compensation details. Having this information readily available helps you streamline HR processes and make informed decisions about your workforce.

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Attendance Tracking

Our system allows you to easily monitor your employees attendance. You can track their clock-in and clock-out times, breaks, and overtime hours. This helps you ensure that your farm operates efficiently and that employees are fulfilling their work responsibilities.

Leave Management

PoultryCare ERP simplifies leave management by allowing you to track and manage employee leaves. Whether it's sick leaves, vacation days, or other types of absences, you can keep track of who is on leave, for how long, and the reason for their absence. This ensures smooth operations and proper staffing levels at all times.

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Streamline and Automate human resource operations

Gain valuable insights into your hrms operations with PoultryCare's real-time performance metrics and insightful reports.

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