Poultry Hatchery Module to Manage Egg Setting to Chick Pullout with CV Test, Candling, and Break-open Reports

Poultry hatchery module in ERP software manages egg receipt to chick allocation which tracks setting and hatching data with CV test for eggs as well as for chicks, candling to estimate infertility, and break-open testing to measure DIS. Chick inventory feature helps to directly allocate chicks to farmer (CBF) or sell to external parties. Per chick cost unit economics report and other key features are integrated with business modules like purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts to manage seamless business operation. Capture daily setter/hatcher temperature and humidity data on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application measures hatching quality

Hatchery Module

Overall Hatchery Activity Management

Access detailed hatchery summaries providing comprehensive insights into hatchery performance, productivity metrics, and outcomes. This feature includes data on hatch rates, mortality rates, chick quality, production trends, and other key performance indicators for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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Egg Transfers

PoultryCare's Hatchery Module simplifies egg procurement by allowing users to effortlessly acquire eggs from external farms or transfer eggs from their own farm. The system ensures seamless processes and accurate inventory management, streamlining the procurement workflow for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Setting Controls

Users can customize and control hatchery settings within PoultryCare's ERP software to create optimal hatching conditions. This includes adjusting parameters such as temperature, humidity, turning cycles, and other factors crucial for successful egg incubation and chick development. The ability to fine-tune settings ensures maximum hatch rates and healthy chick production.

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Hatcher Transfer

PoultryCare enables efficient management of hatching processes, allowing users to track hatch rates and transfer hatched chicks to appropriate facilities seamlessly. This feature streamlines post-incubation workflows, enhances hatchery productivity, and ensures proper handling and care of newly hatched chicks.

Pullout Management

Pullout management in hatchery operations involves conducting chick CV (chick quality or chick viability) tests and break-open tests to assess the health, quality, and viability of hatched chicks. These tests play a crucial role in ensuring that only healthy and viable chicks are pulled out for further processing or distribution, while identifying and managing any issues that may arise during the hatching process.

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Getting Started with the Hatchery Module

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