Poultry Layer Module to Care Every Stage of Bird with Feed, Mortality, Egg Production to Culling

Poultry layer module in ERP software cares every stage of bird from brooding (chick/grower), layer to culling with proper feed formulation, mortality tracking, shell week analysis, egg production, egg grading to sales features with a fully integrated business modules like purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts. Capture daily layer farm data on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application, refill silo on time, track birds health and egg production using reports with business intelligence and graphs, improve overall operation efficiency, and grow your profit

Layer Module

Record Keeping & Performance Analysis

Summarizes total eggs laid, average egg size, daily egg production trends, and overall production performance. Evaluates key performance indicators such as feed conversion ratio, egg production rates, mortality rates, and flock health scores. Calculates feed efficiency by measuring the amount of feed consumed per unit of egg production, helping to optimize feed management and reduce costs.

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Egg Collection & Grading

Records the number of eggs collected each day, along with quality assessments and any irregularities observed.Categorizes eggs by size, cleanliness, and grade, providing insights into egg quality and marketability.Tracks instances of broken or damaged eggs, identifying potential issues in handling or nesting conditions.

Medication Schedules

Documents vaccination schedules, types of vaccines administered, and bird responses. Monitors overall flock health status, identifies any illnesses or abnormalities, and tracks recovery progress. Investigates and reports bird deaths, determining causes and implementing preventive actions to reduce mortality rates.

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Chick Procurement & Flock Management

PoultryCare ERP simplifies chick procurement and flock management by recording essential data like chick numbers, breed, health status, and arrival observations. It tracks bird losses for analysis and corrective measures, ensuring compliance with hygiene protocols through automated schedules and biosecurity measures. This comprehensive system enhances biosecurity and operational efficiency in poultry farms.

Feeding & Nutrition

Monitors daily, weekly, or monthly feed intake per bird or flock, helping to adjust feed rations and optimize nutrition.Evaluates egg quality parameters such as shell strength, yolk color, and albumen quality, identifying any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.Tracks feed wastage to identify areas for improvement and reduce costs associated with feed losses.

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Your Partner in Layer Success

Gain valuable insights into your layer operations with PoultryCare's real-time performance metrics and insightful reports.

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