Fully Integrated System

PoultryCare ERP comes with all modules needed to successfully run your poultry farm. Each module will be integrated with each other and sharing data between them. This end-to-end integration gives the possibility to improve operation efficiency, reduces overall cost, and gives better decision making reports

  • Medicine and vaccination
  • Feed formulation and production
  • Sales and distribution
  • Purchase and inventory
  • Accounts and finance
  • HRMS, CRM and etc.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

PoultryCare ERP hosted on cloud Software as a Services (SaaS) based application, which offers many potential advantages over the traditional models of business software installation. You can start with basic modules and include more while you grow!

  • Quick setup and deployment
  • Scalability and integration
  • Continues and easy upgrades
  • Lower setup and service cost
  • Access from any device / anywhere

Easy Data Recording

The daily recording will be easy with PoultryCare ERP. You only need to fill up pre-configured form per house per day and the data will be safely kept. PoultryCare ERP comes with a mobile app to capture data on the field also has a mechanism to avoid human error entering the double date.

  • Egg collection
  • Feed consumption
  • Medicine and vaccination
  • Mortality and culling
  • Bodt weight, and etc.

Key Metric Analysis

Data inputted to PoultryCare ERP will be calculated and presented according to the common key performance indicator. The chart will be compared with benchmark performance so you can take action quickly if there is something deviated from the target.

  • Cost of production per egg
  • Mortality % by category
  • Hen Day % / Hen Housed / NFEI / EFPR
  • Cost of feed consumed and FCR
  • Analysis of Standard vs Actual

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