Make cost-effective and quality procurement

From procurement to quoting, from ordering to receiving and invoicing, PoultryCare Purchase Module helps you through all. Automating the process of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, sending purchase order to the supplier, and billing, the module streamlines the process of procurement of required raw materials.

Be it your Contract Management, Vendor Management, rate-sealing with Vendor, inspecting material received or returns, PoultryCare handles them with ease. Additionally, PoultryCare provides buyers with a purchasing workbench in its MRP modules that provides vendor, contract and lead-time options for quick change-outs in Material Planning.

With PoultryCare ERP’s Purchase Module you can,

  • Access to real-time status of purchase history, contract history, discounts, alternate items and tax information
  • Ability to create purchase requisitions for any critical materials required by a production batch
  • Ability to enter Purchase Orders in one unit of measure while providing pricing in another unit of measure
  • Ability to automatically generate Purchase Orders by Re-Order Point ("ROP"), Economic Order Quantity ("EOQ"), Material Requirements Planning ("MRP") or Master Production Scheduling ("MPS")
  • Support for purchase on demand for make-to-order
  • Access to Purchase Contracts and Vendor Price Concessions
  • Access to full tracking to assess Vendor Performance
  • Ability to generate reports on critical materials, expected delivery and open Purchase Orders
  • Manage Vendor Statistics like Vendor Master, Vendor item's price, discounts available, etc
  • Efficiently evaluate the Best Vendor based on one or more criteria like Delivery, quality, lead time and pricing
  • Support Vendor Contracts, Landed Costs, Direct Delivery orders, Return as well as Rejected Return Orders,
  • Perform Receipts with real time reflection on inventory
  • Generate Material Receipt Notes and Vendor invoice
  • View variety of information like discount source, price source and historical information in a single click on the Order itself.
  • Manage multiple Units of measure on Order itself
  • Make one click navigation from order to receipt

Benefits that set PoultryCare ERP’s Purchase Module apart,

  • Procurement from Certified vendors
  • Make the procurement efficient and quick
  • Ensure material availability and increase planning stability
  • Efficiently evaluate the best vendor
  • Handle returns easily
  • Auto generation of requisition from MRP


Purchase module manages ordering of receipt and invoicing and track all yours vendor statistics, supplier prices, and quantities on order.


Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a commercial source document that is issued by a business' purchasing department when placing an order with the business' vendors. This is done using the PO module in ERP software.


Purchase Management module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials.