Poultry Purchase module in ERP Implements PO Receipt, GRN, and Purchase Billing

You manage different workflow for egg, birds, feed, and chick purchase in every stage of purchase activity from PO, GRN, to purchase bills operations. You may auto generate indent for feed and raw materials needed based on your birds strength and production cycle which gives better control over supply chain. Purchase return, debit note, and rate contract features with fully integrated business modules like inventory, and accounts gives complete traceability and transparency of your purchase department. Capture daily indent to GRN activity on your smartphone with easy to use mobile application, track inventory and payable using reports with business intelligence and graphs, improve overall operation efficiency, and grow your profit

Purchase Module


With our Purchase module, you can easily manage your suppliers and their information, ensuring smooth communication and timely deliveries of essential items such as feed, birds, medicines, and raw materials. This feature streamlines supplier relations, allowing you to maintain a reliable supply chain for your farm operations.

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Indent Based Purchases

Create and track indents effortlessly with our Purchase module. This functionality makes it simple to manage and organize your procurement needs by systematically recording and monitoring your purchase requirements. By tracking indents, you can ensure that all necessary items are ordered and received on time.

Purchase Orders

Our Purchase module enables you to generate, track, and manage purchase orders for various items including feed, birds, medicines, and more. This feature ensures that you have everything you need to run your farm smoothly, from placing orders to receiving goods, all while maintaining accurate records of your purchases.

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Inward Processes

Simplify the process of receiving goods, conducting quality checks, and updating your inventory with our Purchase module. This functionality saves you time and reduces errors by streamlining inward processes, ensuring that goods are received, inspected, and recorded efficiently.

Purchase Management

Efficiently handle all your purchase transactions, payments, and approvals with our Purchase module. This feature ensures accuracy and transparency in your financial dealings by providing tools to manage and track purchase transactions, process payments, and obtain necessary approvals, enhancing overall purchase management efficiency.

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Improved transparency and control over your purchases

Gain valuable insights into your purchase operations with PoultryCare's real-time performance metrics and insightful reports.

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