Optimize Hatcheries Comprehensive Egg Assessment

By conducting break-open tests on eggs, you gain valuable insights into the viability and health of embryos. This information helps you identify any developmental issues early, ensuring that only healthy and viable eggs are incubated. By eliminating eggs with developmental problems, you maximize hatch rates and improve chick quality, leading to stronger and more productive flocks. Additionally, the break-open test helps in maintaining hatchery hygiene by promptly removing any contaminated or spoiled eggs, contributing to overall farm cleanliness and efficiency.


Unhatched Eggs

When we find eggs that didn't hatch, it's like uncovering clues to improve our hatching process. By figuring out why they didn't hatch, like maybe it was too hot or too cold, we can adjust things to help more eggs hatch successfully. This means more healthy chicks and better outcomes for our farm.

Sample Eggs

Think of sample eggs as our way to check how well our eggs are doing. We take a few eggs to represent the whole batch. Testing these eggs helps us see if they're developing well and if our chicks will be strong and healthy.

Infertile Eggs

Some eggs just won't become chicks because they weren't fertilized. Spotting these early helps us focus on eggs that can hatch. This saves time and resources and makes sure our incubators are used efficiently.

Dis Eggs

Eggs with problems like cracks or abnormalities aren't good for hatching. Managing these eggs separately keeps our hatchery standards high and prevents problems during incubation.

Gas Eggs

Eggs that release gas can be a sign of contamination. Finding and fixing these eggs quickly keeps our hatchery clean and safe for our chicks, ensuring they grow up healthy and strong.

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