Egg Allotment in Setter

Efficient Egg Allotment for Optimal Hatching

Optimizing egg allotment in setters is key to efficient hatchery operations. By customizing allotments based on setter capacity and egg size, hatcheries ensure optimal conditions for incubation. This process is crucial for maintaining uniform incubation conditions, leading to consistent hatch rates and healthier chicks. Proper egg allotment also enhances resource utilization and overall productivity in poultry farming.

Egg Allotment in Setter Feature

Setter-wise Allotment

This feature lets you tailor the number of eggs assigned to each setter machine based on its size and capabilities. By doing this, you make sure that your hatchery resources are used efficiently, which can make a big difference in how well your hatchery functions overall. It helps avoid overloading or underutilizing setters, which can lead to better hatch rates and more productive operations.

Unshaped Eggs Removed

With this tool, you can automatically identify and remove eggs that are misshapen or damaged. This is important because such eggs are less likely to hatch healthy chicks. By keeping only the best-quality eggs for incubation, you improve your hatch rates and maintain high standards in your hatchery.

Chick Estimation

This feature gives you an estimate of how many chicks you can expect to hatch based on the number of eggs you've allocated for incubation. This information is valuable for planning and managing resources during chick handling. It helps ensure that you have enough space, feed, and care available for the expected number of chicks, leading to smoother and more organized operations.

Egg CV Test

Before assigning eggs for incubation, it's crucial to assess their viability and health. This test helps you determine which eggs are most likely to hatch successfully, improving your overall hatch rates. By using only healthy and viable eggs, you increase the chances of producing strong and healthy chicks, which is essential for your poultry business's success.

Egg Uniformity

Maintaining consistent egg sizes and conditions within each setter batch is key to achieving uniform hatching results. This feature allows you to monitor and adjust settings to ensure that all eggs receive the same level of care and incubation conditions. This promotes uniform hatching, leading to healthier chicks and improved efficiency in your hatchery operations.

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