Eggs Received

Eggs Received from farm to hatchery

Efficiently manage egg acquisition, including transfers and purchases, ensuring smooth procurement and precise inventory tracking. Classify eggs by quality and size for organized inventory and customer satisfaction. Accurately allocate eggs to setters during incubation for better hatch rates. Conduct thorough quality tests pre-incubation to enhance hatch rates and chick health. Manage rejected eggs to minimize waste and boost operational efficiency in your poultry farm.

Eggs Received  Feature

Transfer or Purchase

Manage the acquisition of eggs efficiently, whether from transfers within your farm or purchases from external suppliers. This feature ensures a smooth process from procurement to inventory management, allowing you to keep track of your egg sources and quantities accurately.

Egg Grading

Classify eggs based on quality and size to organize your inventory effectively. This helps you meet customer expectations by providing consistent quality eggs and improving overall customer satisfaction. It also enables you to optimize your inventory management by categorizing eggs for different purposes, such as selling or incubation.

Egg Allotment in Setters

Allocate eggs accurately to setters during the incubation process. Proper egg allotment ensures optimal conditions for incubation, leading to higher hatch rates and better chick quality. This feature helps you maximize the success of your hatchery operations by optimizing the environment for developing embryos.

Egg CV Test

Conduct comprehensive tests to evaluate the quality of eggs before incubation. This ensures that only eggs with the highest potential for hatching are used in the incubation process, leading to improved hatch rates and healthier chicks. By assessing egg quality through CV testing, you can optimize your hatchery's performance and overall productivity.

Rejection Eggs Allotment

Manage rejected eggs efficiently to minimize waste and maximize resource utilization. This feature allows you to handle rejected eggs appropriately, whether by disposing of them responsibly or finding alternative uses within your farm. By managing rejection eggs effectively, you can reduce losses and improve operational efficiency in your poultry farm.

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