Efficiently Monitor and Manage Your Hatching Process

Customizable settings for transferring eggs to each hatcher ensure optimal conditions for hatching and chick health. Gas egg identification helps in removing problematic eggs swiftly, maintaining hatchery cleanliness. Monitoring chick pullouts provides insights into hatchery efficiency while managing unhatched eggs minimizes waste. Break open tests assess hatchability, aiding in improving overall hatchery performance.


Hatcher-Wise Transfer Egg Setting

This feature allows you to adjust the settings for transferring eggs to each hatcher. By customizing these settings, you ensure that eggs receive the right conditions for hatching and chick development. This tailored approach results in stronger and healthier chicks, optimizing your hatchery's productivity.

Gas Egg Identification

Easily identify gas eggs, which are eggs containing gas pockets that can affect hatch rates. This feature helps in promptly removing these eggs, maintaining cleanliness in the hatchery, and ensuring successful hatching outcomes without any disruptions.

Chick Pullouts

Keep track of chicks that emerge from eggs during hatching. Monitoring chick pullouts provides valuable insights into chick health and the efficiency of your hatchery. It helps in evaluating the hatchery's performance and ensuring the production of high-quality chicks.

Unhatched Eggs

Monitor and manage unhatched eggs within each hatcher. This feature enables you to take swift actions such as removing unhatched eggs or conducting further assessments. Managing unhatched eggs effectively minimizes waste and optimizes hatchery operations for increased productivity.

Break-Open Test

Conduct break-open tests on eggs to evaluate their hatchability. This test helps in identifying any issues that might affect hatch rates, allowing you to make necessary improvements in hatchery practices. The insights gained from break-open tests contribute to enhancing overall hatchery performance and hatchery outcomes.

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