Summer and Winter Profile Management

Optimize Every Flock in Every Season

Adapt to seasonal changes seamlessly with Summer and Winter Profile Management. Set weekwise standards for birds, hatching eggs, and egg weights, tailored to each season's requirements. Implement grade-wise feed standards and track production variations for informed decision-making and improved farm performance throughout the year.

Summer and Winter Profile Management Feature

Weekwise Birds Standards

Manage the acquisition of eggs efficiently, whether from transfers within your farm or purchases from external suppliers. This feature ensures a smooth process from procurement to inventory management, allowing you to keep track of your egg sources and quantities accurately.

Hatching Egg Standards

With this feature, you can adjust the standards for hatching eggs according to seasonal variations. It optimizes hatch rates and ensures high-quality chicks by adapting to different climate conditions such as temperature and humidity levels.

Egg Weight Standards

Customize the standards for egg weight to maintain consistent egg quality throughout the year. This feature considers variations in feed quality, environmental factors, and bird health, resulting in uniform and high-quality egg production.

Grade-wise Feed Standards

Establishing grade-wise feed standards allows you to match the nutritional requirements of birds based on seasonal demands. It maximizes feed efficiency and performance by providing the right nutrients at the right time, enhancing bird health and productivity.

Production Compared Standards

This feature enables you to compare production metrics like egg yield, hatch rates, and bird health across different seasons. It helps identify trends, make informed decisions based on data, and implement strategies to continuously improve farm performance year-round.

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