Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Efficient Supply Chain Management in poultry farming ensures uninterrupted supply, prevents shortages, and reduces manual ordering efforts. Timely replenishment of goods optimizes farm productivity, saving time and minimizing disruptions. These streamlined operations contribute to increased profitability and smoother overall farm management.

Supply Chain  Feature

Stock Availability

This tool helps you keep track of all the important stuff you need to run your poultry farm smoothly. It ensures that you always have enough of everything - like feed, medicine, and equipment - so you never run out unexpectedly. This way, you can meet the needs of your birds and avoid any disruptions in your farm's operations.

Indent Creation

With this feature, you can easily request more supplies or place special orders when you're running low. It simplifies the process of getting what your farm needs, improving communication and teamwork among everyone involved. This means you can manage and fulfill orders accurately and on time, keeping your farm running smoothly.

Purchase Order Management

This tool makes buying supplies a breeze. You can create and handle orders within the system effortlessly. It keeps track of all your purchases, making sure you get what you need from suppliers and that everything is recorded accurately. This ensures that your stock is replenished on time, keeping your farm well-stocked and organized.

Goods Received

Managing the stuff you receive from suppliers is crucial. This feature helps you do that efficiently by checking the quality and verifying that everything is correct. It ensures that you receive the right items in good condition, maintaining the integrity of your stock inventory. This way, you can trust that you're getting what you paid for and that your birds have what they need.

Purchase Generation

This feature takes the hassle out of ordering supplies. It automatically creates new orders when your stock is running low, based on how much you have, what you need, and the rules you set. This reduces the time and effort you spend on manual ordering, minimizes the risk of running out of essentials, and ensures that your farm operations run smoothly without any interruptions.

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