Material Procurement, Quality Checks

Manage complete procurement of Raw material (Like Soya, Maizee) with acknowledgement and Quality checks at the feed factory level.

Approval system and workflow

Approval and checks are provided at every stage of material movement.

Overall Batch Management

Batch wise feed production management and it's integration with batch-wise raw material and it's cost.

Manage Production Order

System Manages production order of feed , based on the availability of the row material.

Booking of Production Expenses

Systems take cares to load, cost of raw material, packing material & overhead cost on feed production.

Inventory Management

PoultryCare inventory management capabilities provide functionality by which users can store sufficient inventory quantity and also system facilitates to keep track of your products and materials with batch number.

Material Requisition Planning

Systems provide raw material purchases planning and feed production planning based on the bill of material.