Building blocks of PoultryCare solutions
Notifications allow you to take preventive measures so you can avoid losses


Notifications allow you to take preventive measures so you can avoid losses, this includes mortality ratio alerts, low FCR alert, supervisor feedback alert and farm rating.

Ensuring flock performance, health and livability through a multifactorial approach

Flock Performance

Ensuring flock performance, health and livability through a multifactorial approach

Breeder Life Cycle

Manage breeder stages like, brooding, growing, pre laying, laying etc so you understand where your flock is right now.

Digitize Business

Digitize beyond the core to run your poultry farming business smarter, faster and simple

Feed Requirement Planning

With forecast engine you can easily generate your requirement for feed procurement. This results in better planning and in terms better results

Scheme Management

Create different scheme for branch and/or season wise scheme with to track performance comparison against scheme

Farmer Agreement

Generate farmer agreements based on collect required documents to approve every farmer and store all at single repository

Accurate data collection

Capture every activity data on real-time for stock, orders, indent, GRN, delivery and payments in a single entry point with data saved on cloud as single source

Optimize Farmer Relationships & Operations

Farmer Management

Managing farmer agreements and documents in one place saves time and reduces errors, ensuring legal compliance and smooth communication. Farmer line and branch management improves coordination and productivity across different farmer groups. Capacity management optimizes chick placement, leading to healthier birds and better growth. Monitoring farmer performance aids in identifying top-performing farmers and areas for improvement. Detailed farmer statements provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and resource allocation, ultimately improving farm efficiency and profitability.

Optimize with Supervisor Oversight

Supervisor Line Run

Maximize Farm Efficiency with Supervisors On the Go! Our GPS-enabled system ensures supervisors are where they need to be, guiding workers and optimizing tasks. Monitor vehicle expenses, receive real-time updates, and access detailed reports for seamless operations. Improve farm productivity with streamlined supervision, better communication, and cost-effective logistics. Experience hassle-free farm management and boost your farm's success with Supervisor Line Run Management.

Breeder Farm Management

Farm Management

Farm management software is like your personal farm assistant, simplifying everything from breeding to production. It helps you choose the best breeding stock, keep an eye on your birds' health, and improve egg and chick quality.

Breeder Egg Grading

Egg Grading

The Egg Grading module is tailor-made for farms like yours, simplifying egg management. With it, you'll grade eggs swiftly and accurately, saving time and money. This ensures you deliver top-quality eggs to customers, enhancing satisfaction and profits. Its user-friendly design makes egg grading a breeze, boosting your overall egg business efficiency.

Digital Birds Grading

Birds Grading

Streamline bird grading for improved poultry farm operations. Accurately categorize birds based on size, weight, and quality, leading to enhanced marketability and resource management. Reduce manual errors, and boost farm efficiency, profitability, and bird health with streamlined grading processes.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain

Efficient Supply Chain Management in poultry farming ensures uninterrupted supply, prevents shortages, and reduces manual ordering efforts. Timely replenishment of goods optimizes farm productivity, saving time and minimizing disruptions. These streamlined operations contribute to increased profitability and smoother overall farm management.

Medication Schedules Management

Medication Schedules

Automate medication schedules to keep your birds healthy. Get medicines quickly for emergencies. Keep track of medication usage and receive reminders for doses. Manage medicine stocks efficiently. Improve bird health with timely treatments. Get insights from medication reports. Ensure birds stay healthy and productive with our medication management system.

Feed Management

Optimized Feed Programs

Revolutionize poultry farming with tailored feed recommendations for each growth stage, minimizing health risks and optimizing nutrition. Compare feed consumption to industry standards, enhancing resource use and productivity. Customize feed programs by bird grade for better growth and health. Streamline procurement with estimation-based indents, reducing waste. Manage feedstock efficiently for continuous quality feed access, healthier birds, and increased farm profitability.

Profit and Loss Analysis in Poultry


Unlock valuable insights into your poultry farm's finances with comprehensive analysis tools. Break down costs such as chick acquisition, feed expenses, and medication per batch, enabling strategic budgeting and resource allocation. Efficient expense management and profit analysis per bird provide a clear understanding of your farm's profitability and operational efficiency. This data-driven approach empowers informed decisions to maximize profits while ensuring optimal bird health and farm productivity.

Optimize Every Flock in Every Season

Summer and Winter Profile Management

Adapt to seasonal changes seamlessly with Summer and Winter Profile Management. Set weekwise standards for birds, hatching eggs, and egg weights, tailored to each season's requirements. Implement grade-wise feed standards and track production variations for informed decision-making and improved farm performance throughout the year.

Eggs Received from farm to hatchery

Eggs Received

Efficiently manage egg acquisition, including transfers and purchases, ensuring smooth procurement and precise inventory tracking. Classify eggs by quality and size for organized inventory and customer satisfaction. Accurately allocate eggs to setters during incubation for better hatch rates. Conduct thorough quality tests pre-incubation to enhance hatch rates and chick health. Manage rejected eggs to minimize waste and boost operational efficiency in your poultry farm.

Enhance productivity, egg quality, and cost-efficiency through optimized schemes.

Scheme Management

Customize incubation processes with schemes tailored to specific needs, optimizing conditions for egg hatching and chick health. Schedule quality checks with test reminders to ensure consistent egg quality and timely issue resolution. Categorize and manage rejected eggs efficiently to minimize waste and improve quality control. Track hatching and administrative costs per egg for better resource management and financial analysis. Farmers can benefit from improved hatchery efficiency, reduced waste, and better financial planning with these features.